Welcome to the Euovision Art Challenge FAQ

Simply put

Enter the current theme before the deadline
Look at the other entries, go to the forum and vote for your favourite image
The winner gets to choose the title of the next theme

That's it!

In reality there are a couple more conditions. They're not too complex and reading them through will help prevent frustration.


You can create your entry in any media, but it must be submitted as a .jpg that fits the following:
  • No more than 1024 pixels wide
  • 400k or less
  • RGB not CMYK
  • Named: theme title - artist name.jpg

If you ask first, submissions can be in flash - no more than 400k and 1024x wide please.
Send your entry to flapcats@hotmail.com - not the forum

The round usually concludes at the start of the month. When you've entered I'll send you a receipt, if you didn't get a receipt before the deadline your entry may not be included. See the T&C's for details.


The Eurovision Art Challenge centres around this site and the Yahoo Forum -
You'll need to enter the current theme before your application can be approved and to join you must be referred by an existing member, when applying please name them.

Your membership will expire:

  • If you do not enter for more than 6 months
  • If you fail to enter an ALL PLAY round
  • If you vote for your own artwork

If you're purged for not entering you can always join again, but you'll need to enter the current theme and re-apply.

Terms and Conditions

  • Only one entry per member per round.
  • Do not vote for your own entry.
  • Resend your art if you have not had a receipt within 24 hours, mail me seperately also.
  • Only enter art created for the competition, do not send other members' art except in exceptional circumstances.
  • Do not sign your work (the poll is anonymous).
  • If you don't already know a member and really really want to join then include links in your application to example artwork and the moderators will consider your application - you'll still need to enter the current theme before the deadline and your membership won't be approved until then.
  • Late entries cannot be accepted, deadline is noon on the closing date.
  • Occasionally we will announce an 'All Play' round to purge dormant members.

Thanks for reading & look forward to seeing your entries!
Mark Bailey

Small Print:

We thank Uli Meyer Studios for the use of their webspace - Uli Meyer Studios however are not affiliated with this competition.
Any images or views expressed on ulimeyer.com/eurovision or the eurovisionartchallenge yahoo group are entirely those of the author.
The authors retain copyright of their own work, however due to the nature of the internet these images may crop up elsewhere and the eurovisionartchallenge cannot be held responsible for anything that happens to the images once submitted. We may ask your consent to publish the entries elsewhere, we'll draw up proper terms of use should that situation arise. Many of the artists who enter (and many that win) work at Uli Meyer Stuidos - contact them for your high quailty artwork, TV, commercial and feature animation needs. Note 'friendly' in the title, be civil and constructive when posting on the forum.